Cricket: Term 1

The Nudgee College Cricket program offers a diverse range of development and competitive opportunities to boys from Years 5-12. In addition to the traditional GPS fixtures, the modified game format of T20 Blast has been introduced to afford younger boys the opportunity to better develop their skills and enjoyment of the game, before stepping into the traditional GPS cricket in higher grades.

The Nudgee Cricket program provides training and coaching opportunities for every cricketer in the school during Terms 1, 3 and 4. While GPS fixtures are only held in Term 1, the program is committed to forging a strong pathway between school and club cricket, with many boys representing various local clubs and representative teams.

The College is proud to utilise the skills and knowledge of experienced coaches, many of whom currently hold Cricket Australia’s Level 2 and 3 Accreditation. It is this quality of full-time and casually employed personnel, in conjunction with a highly active Parent Support Group, outstanding facilities and regular national and international touring opportunities that continue to grow the traditions of Nudgee Cricket well into the College’s 125th year.

Debating: Term 1-2

GPS Debating fixtures are held on Friday evenings, a fortnight apart, throughout Term 1 and 2, for boys in Years 5-12. Coaching takes place through the week with boys preparing in their small teams with a debating coach for the various formats and topics they will face.

Debating is an activity which develops confidence, encourages critical thinking, showcases mindfulness in action and, above all, equips boys with wonderful life skills in a supportive and competitive environment.   

Rowing: Term 1

Nudgee College Rowing offers boys in Years 7-12 access to a competitive and developmental activity which promotes personal organisation, commitment to a team (crew), cooperation, not to mention offering a physical challenge, which boys tend to thrive on. Each year at the GPS Head of the River Championships we compete in the overall championship and each boy and his crew accumulate points for the College according to their crew races. Our dedicated staff, coaches, volunteers and parent community are highly active and supportive of our rowers. Given the early morning trainings, holidays camps and long, rewarding hours; this sport cannot exist without this support. The entire development pathway, from learn to row, through to GPS competition, to international level competition is supported within our program.      

Swimming: Term 1

Nudgee College Swimming operates year round in our tremendous facilities on campus, offering programs from learn to swim through to masters. Our GPS swimming team attend an annual camp prior to the start of school, compete at lead-up meets and the GPS Championship event during Term 1. Boys compete at the GPS Championships at either the morning (Years 5-7) or afternoon/evening (Years 7-12) session according to their year level and the age qualifying criteria. They compete in individual and relay events, according to their ability. Our GPS swimming program exists within the broader club program of Nudgee College Swimming, which gives students and non-student members the opportunity to train and compete at Swimming Queensland and Swimming Australia meets throughout the year. Competitive swimming promotes physical development, perseverance and application to short, medium and long-term goals.

Volleyball: Term 1

Volleyball is an indoor team court sport, available to students in Years 8-12. Fixtures are conducted on Saturdays throughout Term 1 with training during the week. The McKennariey Centre is home to our volleyball program, providing a tremendous showcase environment on home days. Students involved in this activity will develop agility, hand-eye coordination, power, teamwork and a tremendous sense of camaraderie. Each year, development teams attend both the Qld Schools Cup and the Australian Schools Cup competitions.

Cross Country (Athletics): Term 2

Cross Country (XC) at the GPS level, is an event which requires strong running ability and optimal cardiovascular health. A series of lead-up events are the test base for our large team which consists of boys from Years 5-12. In Years 5-6, the emphasis is on participation and in the older years, there is a clear competitive focus, which produces inspirational performances each year at the Championships. Our team has the benefit of training on an international standard athletics track, coached by highly successful coaches and former athletes. Boys who participate in Cross Country develop as members of a team, knowing their performance accumulates points towards to the College result. They also enhance their technical running ability.

Football (Soccer): Term 2

The GPS Football program runs through Term 2, for boys in Years 5-12. Fixtures are played each Saturday during this term and our home days have become a tremendous community event in themselves. Football trials take place at the conclusion of Term 1 and once placed in teams, players are given the opportunity to work with our experienced and dedicated coaches to develop as players in this exciting sport. We provide for our footballers to be developed at all levels and many former Nudgee students have gone on to great success within the sport. Football is a team sport in which players develop their agility, coordination, speed and endurance, along with a love of the world’s highest participation sport.

Tennis: Term 2

The College’s tennis program runs year round through a partnership with Lifetime Tennis, who also provide the necessary coaching and expertise for our GPS players who play their fixtures during Term 2. Tennis is available to boys in Years 5-12 and GPS fixtures are played in a singles and team format, on Saturday.

Our excellent tennis facilities afford the opportunity for expert coaching of many boys, who will develop their coordination, agility, critical thinking, power and self-discipline, through their participation in this sport.

Basketball: Term 3

Nudgee College Basketball is a program which is currently held in the highest regard across Queensland. Boys in Years 5-12 are invited be developed as a complete basketball player; boys acquire skills, they contribute to the team according to their strengths, they support their team mates and they learn to love this highly popular court sport. Fixtures are played on Saturday, with a limited number of Friday evening games for some teams each season. The energy of our basketball coaches is especially infectious and they are very much the secret to our success, in providing every boy the opportunity to excel. Each year our top basketballers represent at the club, GPS, state and, often, national level.

Chess: Term 3

Students in Years 5-12 are able to benefit from one of the most vibrant and active chess development programs in Queensland, through the expertise of our dedicated staff. GPS chess fixtures are conducted during Term 3 on Friday evenings, where boys participate as individuals within a team. Outside of the GPS program, our staff run highly popular chess camps, utilise specialist coaches and continue to promote this wonderful activity amongst our student population.

Boys who play chess, develop and hone their thinking skills, they learn to support their teammates and most of all, they enjoy this challenging and rewarding intellectual activity.

Rugby: Term 3

Nudgee College Rugby stands as our largest participation sport each year, for all the right reasons; boys want to play in a Nudgee rugby team, they value great coaching, they want to develop as players and they know that our programs will afford them the opportunity to develop as an individual as well. Our school community has supported these aspirations for many years, contributing to our success in this sport and the quality of individuals who have come through it. The GPS rugby fixtures are played each Saturday during Term 3, for boys in Years 5-12, with pre-season during Term 2 and a rugby training and selection camp at the end of the July holidays. Home game days have a family festival atmosphere with great sport and sportsmanship on display throughout the day. Our rugby pathways are refined and enhanced each year; ensuring that we continue to provide a positive, challenging and safe program, which Nudgee students, parents and community members engage in actively each year.   

Track and Field (Athletics): Term 4

The GPS Track and Field Championships in Term 4 each year, mark the culmination of athletic development of our students, as well as the final GPS Championship event of the year.